Located in Kaliurang as a tourist area with the cool weather and beautiful panoramas. You will find trees in the villages, still original with the tradition of Javanese Culture. Close to us, there are  local attractions such as a playground for the kids. There is a viewing tower, from upstairs we can see the splendor of Mount Merapi, and also can see the city of Yogyakarta from above. The village is still natural  with the flowers planted in front of yard of local people house. The fresh water directly from springs. The roads is nice and smooth so that we can walk, jogging or biking. Also we can find a variety of traditional foods population here. On Sunday there were also performances featuring traditional music of the Gamelan.

Fuji Villa, Japanese-style building with Japanese names that we give for every room, offer comfort and beauty and tranquility in creating. Each room is a separate building from other buildings. Surrounded by green plants, flowers so you can feel the philosophy of Japanese culture that emphasizes accuracy and tranquility. With complete facilities that we provide in every room, you really will feel the sleep quality and luxury with a very reasonable price with the contents of your wallet.

Two fishponds around with flowers and two swings will accompany your leisure time if you want to breathe fresh air in the middle of the yard or from your room. Although in the afternoon, air still cool here, so you don’t have to worry about the hot climate of Indonesia because we present something different. In the middle of the park we provide garden table that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the park, especially at night with a lantern that will make the atmosphere more beautiful.

Facilities :

  • Security for 24 hours with High and Secure Hedge surround.
  • Reception for 24 hours standby at Lobby
  • All Charges included Tax
  • Secure Parking Area
  • Security Locker
  • Tour Desk and Information
  • Swimming Pool at other building

We provide different to those offered by other places.

if you are interested to visit this place, please register to the reservation officer or write a letter, email, contact us by phone or fax, reservation addressed to the following :


Fuji Villa

Pelajar Street, Kaliurang, Yogyakarta 55582,

Telephone / Fax : 0274 8208777,081 804 202 777

E-mail : fujivilla@rocketmail.com   and   villafuji@yahoo.com


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