JADAH-TEMPE KALIURANG (authenthic food hunting)

JADAH-TEMPE KALIURANGjadah-mbah-carik--pelopor-jadah-dari-kaliurang-artikel122


Jadah is made from sticky rice and coconut milk, than it should be steamed about 2-3 hours using the traditional flame method; using the woods, after that it has to be pounded until it perfectly delicate, it taste plain but soft, the process is very long and complicated,.  Tempe is made from soya beans that already fermentated, boiled with many herbs and sugar, so it will taste sweet and very tasty. That’s what makes the combination of jadah and tempe are very fit.

jadah and tempe are the original food from Kaliurang, you event can’t find it in ordinary place at Yogyakarta city area.

The history of jadah and tempe it selves are very interesting,  at the first place jadah and tempe is only the daily food for the Kaliurang people, but then at 1950, someone called Sastro Dinomo (then well known as Mbah Carik) served and introducing jadah and tempe to Yogyakarta King, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, the king surely loved this food, he even usually ask his guards to buy it directly on Kaliurang.images

You only have to spend IDR 10.000-20.000 to get the completew package (for 1-2 person).



But, we have a special for you, we could provide jadah and tempe  on your room, and you don’t have to search it themselves..







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