The new sensation coming, for those who dare challenge themselves to feel high tension to explore the nature

Daring yourself to try rock climbing on the andesite hill in Kalikuning area, (about 1 kilometer from the main street of Kaliurang), this place is still deserted and used only by the local person to get grass.

Also it could used to measure and sharpen your ability on rock climbing.


IMG_7385 copy


The andesite cluster stand solid around the river, makes it look fantastic. Even if you are not in the mood to climb the cluster, you can still enjoy the fresh air that came from the lush various trees.

After finished your climbing activity, refresh yourself with the river’s cold water from the pure merapi fountain.

Then you can go back to your villa and get your best meal.

This andesite cluster has high level of difficulty, but let yourself beat them, and get your amazing award after you get on the top of the cluster.

Call us right now, and don’t just dream it over to rock climb in this hilarious place.


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